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About Mr. Wish

About Mr. Wish

Many will question, Why Mr. Wish ?

The answer is simple, because Mr. Wish is here to Make your Wishes Come True !

Eyeing an untapped market demand for freshness and healthy tea beverage. Mr. Wish was established in Taichung in 2006 by a team comprised of professionals with years of tea beverage Research & Development experiences, specializing in creative bubble teas and fruit beverages.


Mr. Wish believes the key to a fine tea beverage determined by natural and fresh ingredients. Mr. Wish was officially born as a healthy brand bearing in the core values of Fresh Fruit Tea. 

Mr. Wish started the journey from Central Taiwan and expanded its footsteps to Northern and Southern Taiwan. After years of efforts and market cultivation, Mr. Wish has become the No. 1 fresh fruit tea beverage brand in Taiwan and gained popularity among consumers.


Mr. Wish embraces the hope of sharing natural and fresh tea beverages to the world. It is Mr. Wish's vision to spread good quality tea drinks and hopes to every corners of the world.

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