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Milk Tea

Rich milky aroma spread on tongue, matching with Yuchi black tea, lead you to experience a totally different kind of enjoyment.

Milk Tea

Classic & Authentic Taiwanese Bubble Tea with chewy Black Sugar Bubble and Rich Milk Tea Flavor. 

Milk Tea

Lightly-roasted Oolong Tea mixed with rich non-diary milk which gives off a creamy texture and nose while still keeping true to floral highlights

3Q Milk Tea

Classic Milk Tea with three popular toppings (Bubble, Pudding, Coconut Jelly), satisfying all your
wishes at once!

Milk Tea

High quality Japanese Matcha with thick and creamy mouthfeel.
he good taste is memorable.

Cocoa Milk

Rich cocoa flavor with non-diary milk and crispy oatmeal, bringing it to a whole new level.  

Coconut Purple Rice w/ Sago

Sweet and Rice tastes of Coconut combined with chewy purple rice
and sago.

Red Bean Sago Coconut Milk

Sweet and Rice tastes of Coconut combined with slow cooked red bean
and sago.

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